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LE CAFE shake and vape 50mL
  • LE CAFE shake and vape 50mL
  • LE CAFE shake and vape 50mL
Botanics Vaponaute

LE CAFE shake and vape 50mL

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'Le Café - a powerful, scented e-liquid. A perfectly balanced pure arabica expresso with a dash of milk. 

Capacity (ml) :
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The Botanics collection offers you the best possible expression of a number of traditional flavours. Le Café in the Botanics collection is more than just coffee - it's a pure arabica expresso magnified by a dash of milk. Its intense yet gentle flavour is reminiscent of the best Italian espressos - enjoy this delicious flavour throughout the day. 

Composition (60VG/40PG, EP quality): vegetable glycerine of EU origin, propylene glycol of EU origin, food-grade flavourings of French origin. 

To fully appreciate the subtleties of our flavours, we recommend leaving your bottles to stand for a few hours with the top off, away from light.