Dangerous. Observe the precautions for use
LA MENTHE shake and vape 50mL
  • LA MENTHE shake and vape 50mL
  • LA MENTHE shake and vape 50mL
Botanics Vaponaute

LA MENTHE shake and vape 50mL

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'La Menthe - a fresh, complex e-liquid. An ideal blend of menthol, chlorophyll, green mint, peppermint.

Capacity (ml) :
Nicotine rate (mg/ml) :

The Botanics collection offers you the best possible expression of a number of traditional flavours.

Go for a wave of freshness with this elaborate combination of menthol, chlorophyll, green mint and peppermint. A simple yet complex flavour that reveals all its nuances the more you taste it. 


vegetable glycerine of EU origin, propylene glycol of EU origin

Food-grade flavourings of French origin, nicotine. 

To fully appreciate the subtleties of our flavours, we recommend leaving your bottles to stand for a few hours with the top off, away from light.