Dangerous. Observe the precautions for use
LE CLASSIQUE shake and vape 50mL
  • LE CLASSIQUE shake and vape 50mL
  • LE CLASSIQUE shake and vape 50mL
Botanics Vaponaute

LE CLASSIQUE shake and vape 50mL

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Le Classique - an intense, subtle e-liquid. Le Classique in the Botanics collection is a blend of dark and blond classics with delicious toasty notes.

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The Botanics collection offers you the best possible expression of a number of traditional flavours. Le Classique reveals a sublime sophisticated combination of dark and blond classics enriched with delicious toasty notes. It all comes together to offer you the classic flavour to accompany you during all the key moments in your day - when you wake up, after lunch, or to relax in the evening. 


vegetable glycerine of EU origin, propylene glycol of EU origin

Food-grade flavourings of French origin, nicotine. 

To fully appreciate the subtleties of our flavours, we recommend leaving your bottles to stand for a few hours with the top off, away from light.