Dangerous. Observe the precautions for use
Vaponaute Hardware


LE MAGISTER is a flavour focused atomizer for experimented users only, please note this is not a dripper for cloud chasing.

This is a fine combination of full flavour enjoyment and ease of use


Made in France

RTA Rebuildable Tank Atomizer holding approximatly 2.5ml of liquid


Stainless steel 316L

Single or dual coil

Reduced chamber

Airflow Control : ø1.2mm, ø1.5mm and ø2.2mm (2.2mm can be used to adjust hole on hole, allowing an accurate airhole size as you like to vape)

Cotton or fiber wick

We recommand to use coil jig 2mm or maximum 2.5mm (please do not try to go more than 2.5mm because there is not enough space into the chamber

Make sure when you build LE MAGISTER to keep room between coil and plate, and between coil and central post, approximatly 1mm all around.

Our favorite set-up is a single coil resistance between 0.65Ω to 0.9Ω , 4 or 5 wraps of Kanthal A1 0.28 or 0.32,  airhole ø1.2mm 15.5W. / 17.5W.

Spare kit : 2x Oring ID18mm Tore1mm green Viton and 1 Oring ID5.5mm Tore1.5mm

Please note to keep the tank and the deck well screwed, there is an Oring between these two parts for sealing.

When you screw the atomizer on a mod we recommand to screw by turning the deck and not by turning the tank because there is a risk to unscrew the deck and tank. Thank you & have a good vape with Le Magister