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Le petit gros
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  • Le petit gros
Vaponaute Hardware

Le petit gros

The 18350 by Vaponaute

Stainless steel 316L or brass mod with brass hybrid top cap, made in Haute-Savoie (France) on CNC and hand assembled.

For experimented users only.


This is a high end mod, only for genesis and dripping atomizers but also Kayfun, with central plot post coming out from the 510 connector.

Recessed 22mm top only for ø22.00mm atomizer.

The recessed is ø22.05mm.

Three vent holes for battery gaz security.

No adjustable pin, the center positive post of the atomizer is in direct contact with the battery nipple.

AW IMR 18350 or EFEST IMR 18350 with nipple recommended.

The battery is directly adjusted when you screw the atomizer on the body with the brass hybrid kit provided.

The switch is recessed spring, without locking system.

You can use copper or silver electrical conductive grease in the switch to optimise conductivity. 

Lenght: 57.00mm

Diameter: 23.40mm

Weight: 75g.

If the switch is too soft you strech the spring